5 Types of Furniture That is Best for Dog Owners

Best Furniture for Pet Owners

You love your dog and like most of us you want them to be as comfortable as possible. So when selecting furniture, it's important to choose pieces that can withstand anything from slobber to stains. Microfiber is great when selecting furniture for dog owners. It is easy to clean, both stain and scratch resistant and because it has a very smooth … [Read more...]

Avoid Playground Burns This Summer With These 3 Tips

Kid Sunburn

In the summer, your kids will want to spend plenty of time outside, and a great place to take them is the local playground. While playgrounds are great places to play, you do need to pay attention to safety when you're there in the summer. The hot sun can heat up playground equipment and cause burns, especially on the sensitive skin of your kids. Use … [Read more...]

5 Challenges That Will Improve Your Life

Change your Life

Whether your goal is to get healthy, live more simply, or just approach every day with a happy mood, the way to get there is to challenge yourself. For simple self-improvement, start with these five healthy living tips and challenges, and then move on from there. Develop the habit of parking as far away from the building as possible. The extra … [Read more...]

5 Fun Things to Do in St. Louis This Summer

St Louis Arch

Looking for something fun for the entire family to enjoy? Spend the day being a tourist in your own town with these exciting St Louis summer events and attractions. Grab your baseball hat and glove and head over to the new Busch Stadium for a St. Louis Cardinals game. Check out their website for special promotions and ticket information. The St. … [Read more...]

Our Community Multi-Sport Court is Fantastic for a Pickup Game

Sport Court

When it comes to physical activity and recreation, our residents here at Heritage Estates have it made. After all, our community offers just about anything a person looking at StĀ Louis apartments for rentĀ could ask for - a swimming pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a soccer park and even a new sauna! And we didn't stop there. Another feature … [Read more...]