See a Great Movie This Weekend at Hi-Pointe Theatre

Source:  Jerry Naunheim Jr. via Hi-Pointe Theatre

The Hi-Pointe Theatre on McCausland Avenue is one of the best options for residents of Heritage Estates apartments who are looking to catch a movie this weekend. This area theatre is located about 20 minutes from our apartment community. The Hi-Pointe Theatre is a historical theatre in the area, and it was constructed decades ago in 1922. Today, the … [Read more...]

Our Private Pet Park is the Perfect Place for Your Pet to Exercise

Our Private Pet Park is Perfect for Exercising With Your Dog

Our pets are not just furry companions in our lives, they can feel like family members, and so it's nice to live in a community that welcomes them. At Heritage Estates Apartments, you won't only find pet-friendly apartments, but you'll find a private pet park, making it easy for you to take your pet out for a bit of exercise and fun close to … [Read more...]

Sit Down for a Breakfast Dish or a Great Burger at Nearby Breakfast & Burger

Get your burger fix minutes away from Heritage Estates.

Not sure whether you're in the mood for breakfast or a juicy burger? If that's the case, Breakfast & Burger makes it extremely easy on you, as this hot spot serves both. This restaurant, located at 10024 Gravois Road, is just over a quarter of a mile from our Heritage Estates apartments. It's the perfect distance for walking to on a nice … [Read more...]

Check Out Beautiful Public Art at St. Louis CityGarden

missouri botanical garden

St. Louis is one of our nation's oldest cities, and the list of things to see in St Louis is endless. With the enjoyable weather of spring quickly turning into the long hot days of summer, now is the perfect time to visit the public art display at St. Louis CityGarden. CityGarden features a large display of artwork to include sculptures, statues, and … [Read more...]

5 Lifestyle Habits of Organized People

Exercises You Can Do With Your Exercise Ball

Getting yourself organized can be a great way to refresh and reinvigorate your life. However, it can feel a little overwhelming to get started. To help you start on the path to organization, here are 5 lifestyle habits that can help you change your life for good! Go through your things and downsize and eliminate anything that you don't actually need, … [Read more...]